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  • 5. Hypersonic and Combined Cycle Propulsion


    1. A Minimum R&T Program on Air-Breathing Propulsion For Europe

    2. LEA flight test program – Status in 2004

    3. The Need for a Versatile & Reusable Hypersonic Vehicle

    4. Development Status of Mach 6 Turbojet Engine in JAXA

    5. Hypersonic Ramjet Engine with Balanced Variable Mechanisms

    6. Study of Supersonic Cavity Flow in Advanced Variable Geometry Inlet

    7. A New Pulse Facility for Studies on Rocket Based Combined Cycles

    8. Fundamental Thermodynamic Analysis of the AJAX Propulsion System

    9. Fundamental Study of Supersonic Combusion in Pure Air Flow with Use of Shock Tunnel

    10. Commissioning and Adjustment of a Laser-Doppler-Anemometer inside of an Experimental Gas Turbine to Measure the Velocity Distribution in the Front Cavity

    11. Optimization Design for Scramjet and Analysis of Its Operation Performance

    12. Hypersonic Methane Rocket-Ramjet Engines for RLV