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  • Compatibility of Delta IV with the Transfer Vehicles HTV and ATV for Cargo Delivery

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    Dr. Robert Sirko, Boeing Launch Services, United States


    Mr. Kevin Reyes, United States


    Mr. Yasunobu Yoshida, Japan


    Mr. Jacques Breton, Arianespace, France



    The European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have committed to the periodic delivery of cargo to ISS using their launch systems and transfer vehicles (TVs): the Automated Transfer Vehicle of ESA and the H-II Transfer Vehicle of JAXA.  Because cargo delivery and waste removal are critical requirements for the ISS, especially in the post-Shuttle era, Boeing has undertaken separate agreements for collaboration with Arianespace and with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to assess the feasibility of providing backup launch services, using the Boeing Delta IV Heavy launch system, for each of the international TVs.  Starting in 2004, we have performed compatibility analyses of the Delta IV – ATV together with Arianespace, and of the Delta IV – HTV together with MHI.
    Boeing and Arianespace analyzed the Delta IV and ATV to assess compatibility of hardware, operational processes, and launch site facilities. An equivalent study was performed by Boeing and MHI for Delta IV and HTV.  All efforts in both studies were company funded.
    Assessments were performed for Delta IV launching ATV and HTV similar to a first cycle mission integration analysis. LV-to-TV integration, processing facility, operational, and programmatic compatibility assessments were preformed. Payload adapters have been designed. Flight environment analyses were performed, including coupled loads analysis, to determine the structural behavior of the integrated systems during flight, with ATV and HTV analyzed at the maximum mass configuration with the most stressing clocking condition with respect to the TV and LV coordinate systems.
    The studies have verified Delta compatibility with existing ATV and HTV spacecraft, and they demonstrate an international commercial capability of ensuring cargo delivery and disposal services for ISS.
    In this paper we present the major findings of our compatibility analyses, with an emphasis on the mission unique features of integrating and launching international TVs for ISS cargo delivery and waste removal.  We discuss key features of the two-way agreements (Boeing – Arianespace and Boeing –MHI) for backup compatibility analysis, including approaches to comply with U.S. government technology transfer and licensing requirements.
    An added benefit of the compatibility  analyses is that these studies today serve as the foundation for a Boeing, MHI, Arianespace and EADS SPACE Transportation ISS cargo delivery capability using Delta IV, ATV and HTV, with back-up capability on Ariane 5 and HIIB.  We describe how those capabilities have enabled the formation of an international alliance to address all cargo delivery and waste removal requirements for the operational era of the ISS.
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