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  • 1. Innovative and Visionary Space Systems Concepts


    1. Development of Smooth and High Torque Drive for Space Applications

    2. The Feasibility Of A Lunar Ion Cannon For Beamed Matter Transfer: From The Moon To Earth And Other Applications

    3. Adaptation And Energy Efficiency - Towards Novel Locomotion Systems For Planetary Robots

    4. Mechanical Counterpressure Spacesuit Technology For use in Long Duration Planetary Exploration

    5. Debris Recovery Using Trawl-net-like Small-satellite Constellation

    6. Smart-OLEV – An Orbital Life Extension Vehicle For Servicing Commercial Spacerafts In GEO

    7. Basic aspects in Designing Space Grasper Missions

    8. A Space-Based Highly Accurate and Certified Time and Frequency Distribution Service for the Telecommunication Market: System Concept and Business Drivers

    9. High Elliptical Space System For Hydro-meteorological Monitoring Of Earth Arctic Region