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  • Laboratory for Space and Microgravity Research (LEEM): Space Education and Student Projects

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    Mr. Hector Salvador, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Julián Fernández-Cabrera, LEEM, Spain


    Luis Ibañez, LEEM, Spain


    Ana Gutiérrez, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Andres Russu, University of Valencia, Spain


    Mr. Tirso Velasco, University of Valencia, Spain


    Mrs. Rodrigo Juana M., University of Valencia, Spain


    Mr. Samuel M. Andrada, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Eleazar Gonzalez Casas, LEEM, Spain


    Mr. Juan Carlos Gomez Pallares, Spain


    Mr. Amalio Monzon, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain


    Mr. Ruben Elvira, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain




    LEEM is a Spanish Non Profit Association established in October, 2007 by Spanish Students and Young Professionals concerned about the difficulties in developing a new Space-related project by Students and the need to strengthen Space topics in Education Programs.

    The main objective of LEEM is to encourage Spanish Students to start a real engineering project related to Space, giving wide information about LEEM and third parties campaigns, supporting the students, providing them materials and financial support and even facilitating the contact with companies and media. This objective is expanded to secondary education students by means of lectures and workshops related to space as well as to young professionals organizing congresses and encouraging their participation on international events or Post-Graduate courses.

    This goal is achieved through LEEM’s website, where information about current and new campaigns is provided, as well as an Internet Forum where interested people can ask and answer any question on how to start a new project. LSDx department prepares a database with previous university research projects and experimentation guidelines about data acquisition and experimental setups.

    Once per year, LEEM organizes a National Congress "Spanish Space Students - S3". During this event, every person interested in space and microgravity experimentation can meet students, professionals, educators and Space VIPs to exchange ideas and comments about current projects and facilitating the launch of new ones through the advantages of cooperation, making possible more ambitious goals.

    Finally, LEEM organizes its activities in three main Workgroups: Space, Microgravity and Education.

    Space workgroup intends to educate in how to develop a real space project like a satellite. This line starts with CanSat activities for secondary school students, CubeSat projects for pregraduates working in cooperation from different universities and ground support through LEEM’s Ground Station. These activities lead to support real satellite projects facilitating the contact with institutions, courses, information on other projects and even Payload Assessment.

    Microgravity workgroup has the aim of facilitating the access to the different microgravity platforms to test new experiments. This goal is achieved operating two drop-towers, giving assessment to experiments wishing to participate on Parabolic Flight Campaigns and developing LEEM’s own Sounding Rockets (up to 60km apogee).

    The last workgroup, Education, comprises secondary schools workshops, university courses and Post-Graduate formation in Space Topics to complete the education received and focussing to create high qualified professionals capable of approaching a real project within space regulations.

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