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  • A Comprehensive Study of Passenger and Cargo Suborbital Point-to-Point Systems

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    Dr. Vasilis Zervos, International Space University (ISU), France



    This paper is based on an original and interdisciplinary report about suborbital point to point systems produced by a team of about 20 students at International Space University. It conducts an analysis of suborbital point to point systems that transport both passengers and
    cargo. The suborbital spaceflight industry has not yet started conducting commercial operations and will concentrate on tourism
    during its early years, but the report supports the notion that the future of suborbital spaceflight is in point to point services. The report is interdisciplinary in nature and the results and methodologies will be summarised in the paper. Main areas of research include technical issues and trade-offs, legal challenges, economic analysis in terms of markets and costs, environmental concerns, and risk and safety issues. Policy implications are relevant to industry, regulators, and other stakeholders.
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    IAC-08.B3.2.-D2.7.9.pdf (🔒 authorized access only).

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