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  • Proposal for Modification of ISS Constitution

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    Dr. Fujio Nakano, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Japan


    Dr. Tomifumi Godai, Soranokai, Japan



    Keyword: ISS, JSS, JEM, HTV, HTV-C
    With the Space-Shuttle withdrawal in 2010, the International Space Station(ISS) enters unstable age for each country of program participator. For more than 15 years, Japan spent technical effort and the enormous budget to develop the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) and is very much concerned about an insufficient utilization of JEM, if the ISS program ends in barely several years.  This kind of circumstance is not desirable for not only Japan but other ISS participating countries.  
    By changing the constitution of ISS, utilization value of space infrastructure in low earth orbit can be maintained and furthermore life will be possible to extend. The reconstruction of ISS under the leadership of Japan is proposed to ISS community, America, Russia, Europe and Canada etc, in the framework of international cooperation or allotment work, by the smallest investment. Reconstruction means that several elements and modules are removed from the state at the time of ISS completion planned presently, and that the capability of the space station is reduced moderately with keeping the minimum function of manned activity.
    Proposed reconfigured space station named “JSS(Japan Space Station)” is consist of  JEM, other ISS elements , modules and new service module which is the modified HTV(H-? Transfer Vehicle) with solar paddles,  Attitude control system and environment supply. JEM is the principal module in the component of ISS on a maximum scale and capability, and the newest with time aged deterioration. Required electric power and fuel consumption of JSS decreases substantially and cost-effectiveness will be attained for the future extended operation. The large-sized truss and the solar paddles presently installed on ISS are removed.
    In addition to transport of water, provisions and tools, JSS utilizes the HTV as a fueling vehicle positively in place of the Russian Progress.  Furthermore, remodeling HTV named HTV-C with return-to-the-earth capability will acquire the manned space technology of Japan.
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