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  • Proven advanced technologies for space launcher SRM nozzles

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    Mr. Didier Boury, Snecma Propulsion Solide, France



    Snecma Propulsion Solide (SPS) is a major actor of solid propulsion business in Europe, being directly involved in design and manufacturing of all inert SRM components and cooperating with solid propellant companies for grain activities & energetic materials topics.
    Since the 60’s, SPS has more particularly developed competencies and knowledge addressing the very specific nozzle issues. SPS is currently able to engineer, develop and produce small to large nozzles mastering all the manufacturing lines for the critical materials.
    This paper describes briefly existing SPS nozzles for space launcher solid rocket motors (SRM), mainly the Ariane 5 SRM nozzle nowadays under serial production and the newly qualified P80 nozzle for the under development VEGA small launcher. The engineering environment and manufacturing capabilities of ‘Le Haillan’ plant, necessary to support not only development but also production activities are underlined. Some examples of synergies with defence program are also reported.
    The recent P80 demonstrator program has allowed maturing very attractive new technologies for nozzle applications focused on cost reduction purpose. Other results coming from nozzle technologies oriented activities performed under defence program are also available for space launcher SRM applications. This paper describes the most attractive results regarding for example the following items:
    - Non delaminating and low cost carbon-phenolic insulator material
    - Low torque flex-seal design favouring attractive electromechanical actuators options for thrust vectoring and control function
    - Carbon-carbon materials for low erosion and reliable throat applications
    - Carbon-carbon materials for low cost and very light exit cone applications
    Effective results from real tests are reported showing that these technologies are nowadays proven and available for low risk development programs. Some examples of potential applications and induced advantages are discussed.
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