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  • Influence of external factors on starting and an operation of thermal pipes as a component of the space propulsion systems

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    Prof. Vladimir Prisniakov, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine


    Mr. Oleg Marchenko, Ukraine


    Mr. Konstantin Prisniakov, Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine



    Now heat pipes have gained a recognition as effective elements of systems of cooling various space engines installations - from liquid motor up to nuclear propulsion. Complexity of processes proceeding inside a heat pipe do impossibility of theoretical research frequently. The purpose of the given work is the experimental research of influence of the external vibration action and of the directions of a vector of a gravity on process of starting and performance of a heat pipe. The research is shown, that in this case strong influence renders a direction of a vector of a gravity and presence of external vibrations. Such operating modes take place at use of heat pipes as component of spacecraft, of the space propulsions – liquid, nuclear, solid rocket motors, and also in electronic equipments. The report are examined the work modes on which there are vibrations. Researches meeting in the literature in the greater degree are devoted to the analysis of internal factors, like a sort and amount of a working liquid, properties is capillary – porous structure, type and a material of the body, etc.   For the first time results of experiments of a mode of starting of a heat pipe are submitted depending on various external factors. Processes of starting and an output of a heat pipe on the established isothermal mode proceed quickly enough and can be not noticed at use of too inertial systems of measurement. Introduction in a system of measurement of the high-speed multichannel analogous-digital converter has allowed to observe such interesting phenomena as spasmodic decreasing of temperature of an external wall in a zone of a absorption of heat with simultaneous spasmodic increase of temperature in a zone of condensation. Such system has enabled to study also quickly proceeding processes of infringement of isothermality of surfaces at turn of a heat pipe concerning a vector of a gravity. The research is revealed, that position of a heat pipe concerning a direction of a vector of a gravity is of great importance and can lead to the crisis phenomena. The external vibrating impact in an operating time exert as a whole positive influence and in some cases help to shift a critical point in area of higher values of a heat flow. This result enables to determine the impact of microgravitation and overloads on functioning of space systems.
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