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  • Alcântara Cyclone Space: A New Joint Venture in the Space Market

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    Mr. Alvaro Fabricio Dos Santos, Núcleo de Assessoramento Jurídico - NAJ/SJC, Brazil



    On 05/Dec/2007, the Brazilian-Ukrainian company “Alcântara Cyclone Space” (ACS) was officially inaugurated. ACS is in charge of developing the launching vehicle Cyclone-4, that will launch satellites from the Alcântara Launching Center in the Northwest of Brazil. The Company was created according to the articles 2 and 3 of the Treaty signed on 21/Oct/2003, between the Governments of Brazil and Ukraine entitled: “Long-Term Cooperation in Utilization of the Cyclone-4 Launch Vehicle at the Alcântara Launching Center”. This Treaty established the first international legal framework for the commercialization of space launches from the Alcântara Launching Center. Under the agreement, ACS was defined as “an international entity for economic and technical purposes”. It was not the first bi-national endeavor of Brazil, because in 1975 a Treaty between Paraguay and Brazil for the construction of a hydroelectric dam was signed. At the 47th Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space, held in Vancouver / Canada, from 4 to 8 October 2004, the Brazilian Professor José Monserrat Filho presented his paper “Brazilian-Ukrainian Agreement on Launching Cyclone-4 From Alcântara: Impact on Brazilian Legislation”, where the legal issues derived from the Treaty were duly analyzed. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the main articles of the ACS Statute, which was approved by the Directive # 559, of 31/Aug/2006, from the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology. There are many legal issues in the ACS Statute, such as applicable law, liability to third parties, and intellectual property rights, which will be raised using hypothetical questions in order to promote further debates. Current activities and future projects of ACS will also be presented.
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