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  • 4. Radiation Effects and Risks in Human Space Missions


    1. Radiation dosimetry activities in Europe

    2. Models of the Moon Radiation Environment and a Comparison with the RADOM Experiment Data collected onboard the CHANDRAYYAN-1 mission

    3. Radiation Model Calculations and GCR Particle Flux Variations: Assessment for Deep-Space Human Explorations

    4. Radiation Environment Modeling for the LIULIN-PHOBOS Investigation of the PHOBOS SAMPLE RETURN Mission

    5. Estimation of Energy Equation Correlate of CMEs with X-Ray Flares during Solar Cycle 23rd

    6. Determination of the arrival time of ICME Shock to Earth's Magnetosphere

    7. TL dose measurements on board the Russian segment of the ISS by the “Pille” system during Expedition-15 and -16

    8. Radiation Shielding Strategies for Lunar Minimal Functionality Habitation Element

    9. Probabilistic Assessment of Radiation Risk for Astronauts in Space Missions

    10. Key issues of radiation physiology in the context of planning exploration space missions

    11. gliosat, a university microsatellite for biomedical missions

    12. ASIM Background Radiation Estimation Study at ISS.

    13. Research on Assessment Model of Influence of Electromagnetic Environment to Aerocraft in Space