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  • 8. Public Outreach and Education - Integral Elements of Space Life Sciences Program Development


    1. Sustainable Space Life Sciences Education: Strategies for Innovation and Global Engagement

    2. Fit Explorer International Challenge (FEIC)

    3. The Harvard-MIT PhD. Program in Bioastronautics

    4. The Helmholtz Space Life Sciences Research School (SpaceLife): a new perspective in promotion of young researchers

    5. UKSBA Public Outreach and Education Program for Space Biomedicine

    6. Scottish Space School - Inspiring the next generation of scientist and engineers

    7. Innovative Media Partnerships: Crossing Borders to Transform Space Exploration Education

    8. `The Ingredients for Life - on Earth and in Space' and the new exploration video series: life science and space for pupils

    9. 21st century explorer bilingual science & engineering inquiry-based supplemental curricular materials

    10. What happened to those promising space stars?. A study on afterwards results of students competitions

    11. Extending Opportunities for Student Space Experiments with Suborbital Space Vehicles