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  • 1. Strategies to Establish Lunar and Mars Colonies


    1. Incorporating Science into Human Exploration of the Moon: An Insider’s Personal View

    2. Lunar Exploration Architecture

    3. Mars Base 10 – A Permanent Settlement on Mars for 10 Astronauts

    4. The Role of Caves and Other Subsurface Habitats in the Future Exploration of Mars

    5. Lava Tube Exploration for Space Colonization

    6. Amine resin preliminary testing for in-situ propellent production on Mars

    7. Space Generation Advisory Council: Lunar way-station (Moon-Mars Workshop in Conjunction with the Planetary society)

    8. From Precursors to Colonies: ILEWG Roadmap to the International Lunar Base

    9. A Concept of Manned Mission to Mars. Comparative Analysis of Variants

    10. overall system design of a manned mars mission using conjunction trajectory