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  • 5. Advanced Technologies


    1. Design, construction and testing of a 2 degree of freedom Ka-band antenna pointing mechanism

    2. Development of the Ka-band Transponder for COMS Mission

    3. Development of Low Pass Filter for STSAT-3 Communication Subsystem

    4. Disposal of Non Geostationary Orbit (NGO) Satellites

    5. development of spaceborne gps receiver with real-time orbit determination using unscented kalman filter

    6. On-Board Orbital Propagation of Nanosatellites using NORAD TLE, SGP4, and GPS

    7. Space-QUEST: Absolute secure communication based on quantum cryptography

    8. SpaceFibre: Gbit/s Links for use On Board Spacecraft

    9. next-generation communication protocol concepts for future nanosatellite constellations

    10. a novel system framework with network coding for satellite communication

    11. A Novel Algorithm of On-orbit Performance Evaluation of Infrared Static Earth Sensors with Star Sensors

    12. Distributed Autonomous Navigation for Multi-spacecraft Missions Using X-ray Pulsars and Inter-satellite Links

    13. Research on the Navigation Algorithm Based on X-Ray Pulsars with Consideration of Clock Error

    14. Predistortion Linearizer with Novel Temperature Compensation Technique for Satellite Transponder