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  • Operations and Utilization Organization of Upcoming Italian Astronauts Missions to ISS

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    Dr. Alessandro Bellomo, ALTEC S.p.A., Italy


    Dr. Delfina Bertolotto, Italian Space Agency (ASI), Italy


    Dr. Gabriele Mascetti, Italian Space Agency (ASI), Italy


    Dr. Salvatore Pignataro, Italy


    Dr. Dario Castagnolo, MARS s.r.l., Italy



    Author: Alessandro Bellomo (*) – bellomo.alessandro@spacegate-altec.it
    Co-Authors: Delfina Bertolotto (**) - delfina.bertolotto@asi.it; Gabriele Mascetti (***) – gabriele.mascetti@asi.it; Salvatore Pignataro (****) – salvatore.pignataro@asi.it; Dario Castagnolo(*****) - castagnolo@marscenter.it
    (*) ALTEC S.p.A. – Senior Assistant for Technologies and Advanced Studies – ALTEC Program Manager
    Corso Marche 79 – 10146 – Turin (Italy)
    Ph: +39 – 011 – 74 30 453 / Fax: +39 – 011 – 74 30 064
    E-mail: bellomo.alessandro@spacegate-altec.it
    (**) “Volo Umano Spaziale ASI – AM” Program Manager
    (***) “Volo Umano Spaziale ASI – AM” Scientific Mission/Industrial Support Project Manager
    (****)“Volo Umano Spaziale ASI – AM” Utilization/Operation Project Manager
    Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) – Italian Space Agency
    Viale di Villa Grazioli 23 – 00198 – Rome (Italy)
    Ph: +39 – 06 – 8567 368 / 310 / 249
    Fax: +39 – 06 – 8567 849
    (*****) MARS s.r.l. –Payload Integration Manager
    Vai E. Gianturco 31 – 80146 – Naples (Italy)
    Ph: +39 – 081 – 6042 520
    Fax: +39 – 081  6042 100
    On the basis of the agreements reached in 1991 and confirmed in 1997, ASI (Italian Space Agency) has developed and supplied to NASA three MPLM flight units. In return, among other utilization rights, ASI got the right for several flight opportunities for Italian Astronauts, including both short missions and increment flights.
    On the basis of the above, an Executive Agreement has been signed between ASI and the Italian Air Force – ITAF (July 2008) the aim of which is the collaboration for the definition and the implementation of a common Human Space Flight program which foresees the following:
    	Definition, design and implementation of short duration mission on-board of the Space Shuttle (STS Mission)
    	Development of a Phase A of long duration mission on-board of the ISS (ISS Mission)
    For both the above mentioned missions the Italian ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori, colonel of the ITAF, and already cosmonaut, is pre-selected.
    Aim of the entire program is to identify, starting from the analysis and negotiation of the utilization rights and opportunities, scientific, technologic and education payloads and experiments that can be executed either during the short (STS) and the long (ISS) Missions. In case of the STS Mission, the identified payloads and experiments will be developed according to the standard ISS Payload Integration Process phases, i.e. mission definition, mission integration and mission support. In particular, significant experience has been gained in the frame of the ASI contribution to the “Esperia” mission. Additional activities will be devoted to provide to the Italian Astronaut all the required support, to identify and to execute event promotion and communication activities as well as to define and to implement an education program.
    Special attentions will be placed in the identification, optimization and negotiation of the crew time, matter that will be one of the cornerstones for the definition of the payloads and their experiments execution. Emphasis will be given to the synergies among partners that allow optimization of the integration and execution of the experiments.
    Purpose of this paper is to present the implemented operations and utilization organization, the program achievements at the time of the 60th IAC (the program will be still under development at that time) and to present its evolution. 
    The paper was not presented at previous meetings and financing and attendance of the author at 60th IAC to present the paper is assured.
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