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  • Moon Transport System research to support Moon manned project

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    Dr. Sergey K. Shaevich, Khrunichev State Research & Production Space Center, Russia


    Dr. Anatoly Kuzin, Khrunichev Space Center, Russia


    Dr. Vasily Yuriev, Khrunichev Space Center, Russia



    International Space Station creation is the first significant international space project which will be, surely, followed by next ones. Moon research and exploration should be named first of all among coming international space projects of the first half of 21 century.
    Proposed paper is aimed to present analysis of Moon transport system for automatic cargo delivery to Moon surface and its vicinity (Moon satellite orbit or libration point L1 of Earth-Moon system).
    Description of considered conceptions and composition of Moon transport system elements are given, main elements are described in detail and their characteristics are provided. There is a comparison of considered Moon transport system options. Basing on comparative analysis conclusions are made about preferable options of Moon transport system realization.
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