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  • strategy on the future human space exploration program for developing countries

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    Dr. Gi-Hyuk Choi, Korean Aerospace Research Institute, Korea, Republic of



    recently many developing countries, such as korea, malaysia, brasil, have interestings on human space exploration program, for example astronaut, lunar and mars exploration program. as economy growth and technology development nation's ordinary people and especially young generation have interetings on space exploration beyond satellite development. but space exploration is very costly and technically risky business, so it is monopolized by few super powers so far.  but future space exploration such as lunar and mars exploration should confront the problems of huge cost and technical risk, moreover getting the approval from nation's tax payers. therefore next space exploration must be a global cooperation to pursuade tax payers by showing risk sharing and global friendship. to be a global space program it is good to involve as many as developing countries. however developing countries have limited resources such as funding and technologies, so there shoud be an adequate strategy for encouraging participation. to enlarge participations the comparatively low cost and low technological parts should be open to developing countries, and the administrative process should be esier, straightforword, and transparent. it will give us many challenges but it will pay back many oppertunities to all of us.
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