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  • 1. Human Spaceflight Operations Concept


    1. Operations Considerations in Project Lifecycle with Real World Examples

    2. Utilizing Life Cycle Cost Analysis in the Design of the Altair Lunar Lander

    3. H-II Transfer Vehicle(HTV) Design and Operations Concept

    4. ATV Jules Verne Mission: An Innovative Design and Operations concept

    5. Development and operation status of `Kibo`(JEM) Exposed Facilities

    6. Operations management concept for long duration manned space missions

    7. Kibo Manipulator Initial Checkout Operation

    8. Control of the Russian Segment of ISS

    9. The Columbus Industrial Operations Concept

    10. Sustaining Engineering, Maintenance and Logistics in Support of the European Contribution to the International Space Station

    11. Evaluation overview for the JEM Ground Operation Systems as Japan’s First Human Spaceflight Operation

    12. Columbus Stowage Optimization by CAST (Cargo Accommodation Support Tool)

    13. the results of jem operations control

    14. Security and Safety in a Distributed and Cooperative Ground System

    15. VR/AR Tools to support on orbit crew operations and P/Ls maintenance in the ISS Pressurized Module Columbus