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  • 2. Space Power Technologies and Techniques


    1. State of the Art Photovoltaic Assemblies Reliability Issues: Characterization and Qualification Activities for Confidence Building

    2. In-Space Wireless Power Transfer

    3. Improvement Study on Rectenna Efficiency

    4. analysis on the potential application in future spaceflight of a contact-less power transfer system

    5. An Analysis of Power Performance for Korean LEO Satellite

    6. A Simulation Tool for Space Power System: The integration of Intelligent Control Algorithms and Power System Models

    7. The Analysis of Power Management and Performance for the Korean SAR Satellite based on Dawn-Dusk Orbit

    8. A Redundant Power Bus for Distributed Power Management for a Modular Satellite

    9. Experimental Study on Fuel Cells and Water Electrolyzers for the Water-Energy-Cycle Space System

    10. Air-independent fuel cell power system for space applications

    11. Water Electrolysis Under Zero-G