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  • 1. Propulsion Systems I


    1. Cryogenic flames submitted to high frequency acoustic waves

    2. Implementation of experimentally derived models in a fast engineering tool for simulation and design of propellant management systems in launcher stages

    3. Fuel-Rich Gas Generator Development for a LOx/kerosene Space Rocket Engine

    4. Research on the start system of liquid rocket engine

    5. fuel efficient concept for high altitude flight

    6. LISA Pathfinder Field Emission Thruster System Development Program

    7. Investigation of characteristics of the Vega LV fourth stage main engine assembly: low-frequency oscillations stability, lateral disturbances at startup

    8. Study on the startup cyclogram of a liquid rocket engine

    9. Research on launch vehicle servo system based on energy regulating strategy

    10. Determination method of optimum main design parameters of LOx-LH2 expander-cycle LRE for reusable OTV(orbital transfer vehicle)

    11. advance in system engineering for the development of the vinci engine