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  • 5. Hypersonic and Combined Cycle Propulsion


    1. Development status of a hypersonic precooled turbojet engine

    2. The propellant management of the precooled turbojet engine

    3. Design of TSTO Reusable Launch Vehicle using oxygen collection system

    4. Study of thermal chocking in the expanding RBCC combustor

    5. Experimental and Numerical Analysis on Flameholding Mechanisms in a Supersonic Combustor Equipped with a Cavity Flameholder

    6. Problems of ramjet use on the hypersonic segment of prospective space vehicle injection trajectory

    7. Investigation of the Method of Improving Isolator Performance

    8. Parameter research of MHD controlled inlet and the viscous effects analysis

    9. Multidisciplinary Design & Optimization Models and Software Tool for Hypersonic Flight Vehicle