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  • 6. Advanced Propulsion : Non Chemical, Non Electric


    1. Non-chemical, non-nuclear advanced propulsion for space applications : panorama and roadmap

    2. thrust dependency of the microwave rocket on microwave power density and ambient pressure

    3. heating structure and its sustaining condition of laser supported detonation wave

    4. Propellant-less Formation Flight Applications using Electromagnetic Satellite Formations

    5. Solar Photon Sail Deceleration at Alpha Centauri A

    6. Thickness of solar sail films for interstellar travel

    7. Recent Achievements in the Development of the MOA Thruster, a high Performance Plasma Accelerator for Space and terrestrial Applications

    8. improvement of thrust and specific impulse by convective heat transfer in laval nozzle

    9. development of experimental study to the magnetohydrodynamics (mhd) accelerator