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  • 1. Innovative and Visionary Space Systems Concepts


    1. Interplanetary Ballistic Missile (IPBM) System Architecture Design for Near-Earth Object Threat Mitigation

    2. Mission analysis for an Advanced Solar Photon Thruster

    3. Ikaros - Ready for Lift-Off as the World's First Solar Sail Demonstration in Interplanetary Space

    4. Fractionated Spacecraft: The New Sprout in Distributed Space Systems

    5. A LEO-based solar-shade system to mitigate global warming

    6. On the origin of satellite swarms

    7. IDES: An Integrated Design and Experiment System for On-Orbit Servicing

    8. ESA Re-entry Black Box (RBB)

    9. transport of nanostructured material in the interplanetary medium

    10. ARMADA: Autorotation, feasible alternative to traditional Martian Entry, Descent and Landing

    11. UNICubeSAT: a satellite for aeronomy measurements in orbit