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  • 2. Launch services, Missions, Operations and Facilities


    1. Ariane 5 launcher for space exploration missions

    2. description of the launch base adaptation and of the flight safety methodology for operating the russian Soyouz launcher from the Kourou European Space Port

    3. Vega launch services for small satellite programs

    4. The ROCKOT Small Launcher for Future ESA Missions

    5. Overview and Post-Launch Results from the ISILaunch01 Campaign

    6. Developing the Microgravity Market for Commercial Space Transportation systems

    7. Flight Test Simulation in Mission Control Center using a Flight Test Simulator

    8. The Need for International Coordination to Resolve Multiple Licensing Requirements in Domestic Laws for Private and Commercial Space Launches

    9. Space Launch & Re-entry Risk Hazard Analysis – A New Capability

    10. Coupled Thermal Analysis of Satellite and Launch Vehicle

    11. KSLV-I Onboard Telemetry and Tracking System: Development and Features