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  • 6. Future Space Transportation Systems Verification and In-Flight Experimentation


    1. Filament Wound Solid Rocket Motors Experimental Analyses and Their Impact on Payload Environment

    2. KAP@VEGA as Future In-Flight Experimentation Test-bed for New Launcher Technologies

    3. THE ESA IXV PROJECT FROM DESIGN TO DEVELOPMENT The European Technology Platform for Atmospheric Re-entry

    4. Synergistic Development, Test, and Qualification Approaches for the Ares I and V Launch Vehicles.

    5. A Perspective on Development Flight Instrumentation and Flight Test Analysis Plans for Ares I-X

    6. Orion Navigation Sensors Risk Reduction Flight Test Strategy

    7. Aldebaran: a "system" demonstrator project for new generations of space transportation, now entering in the phase A.

    8. Advanced Solid Propulsion Technologies demonstrations for Airborne launcher and New Generation Launcher applications

    9. SpaceX DragonLab as a Platform for Microgravity Research