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  • 2. Quality and Knowledge Management in Aerospace Companies


    1. Status of the IAA Knowledge Management Working Group

    2. Apollo: Learning From the Past, For the Future

    3. Capturing Tacit Knowledge for Spacecraft Operations in ESOC

    4. Multi-Generational Knowledge Sharing for NASA Engineers

    5. Taxonomy for Space: Knowledge Sharing Amongst Countries

    6. Development and evaluation of a prototype cross-search system for aerospace technical data management

    7. Knowledge Management Architecture for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

    8. Understanding and Implementing Knowledge Management for ESA's Planetary Missions

    9. Importance of Knowledge Management within Space Data Systems

    10. SWIFTER - Space Weather Informatics, Forecasting, and Technology through Enabling Research and Virtual Organizations

    11. Learning from Space Operations: Lessons Learned as Drivers for Improvement

    12. The Implementation of Risk Management into the Concurrent Engineering Process