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  • 2. Space Expectations: How the Public Views Space Activities


    1. A Participatory Space Exploration Case Study: Google Lunar X PRIZE

    2. "ILA Space Pavilion" - Bringing Space to Politicians, Media, General Public and Children

    3. Engaging the Public in Lunar-gravity and Mars-gravity Educational Flights

    4. Space Expectations: Latest survey results

    5. Space and Television: Is there a reason?

    6. HANA-densetsu, a new challenge of Space Cultural Mission

    7. Investigating public space exploration interest and support in the uk

    8. Space Marketing

    9. Impact of Space Activities upon the “Middle Class” of people populating the Indian Sub Continent.

    10. Raising public awareness: building long-term constituencies for space exploration

    11. Lessons Learned from Using Historic Religion and Science "Conflicts" as a Guide to Understanding How Parts of the Public View Space Activities.