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  • 2. Fluid and Materials Sciences


    1. opposed-flow flame spread in constrained spaces under normal and reduced gravity conditions

    2. Droplet evaporation and combustion modeling

    3. micro flame spreading in solid fuel ducts

    4. analysis of thruster plume contamination during spacecraft separation

    5. thermodiffusion in the system partly filled with porous media

    6. Annular /Stratified Low-Gravity Internal Condensing Flows in Millimeter to Micrometer Scale Ducts

    7. Electrically Driven Flows in Large and Small Scales

    8. New type of thermal convection in the rotating annulus

    9. vibrational dynamics of two immiscible liquids under rotation

    10. resistance of metallic screens in a cryogenic flow

    11. Ukrainian Program for Material Sciences in Microgravity

    12. Modeling and Experimental Characterization of the Microstructure and Grain Structure of Al-7wt%Si Directionally Solidified

    13. crystal growth of si x ge 1-x using the bridgman technique: si segregation and interface shape

    14. Two phase flows: bubble growth in superheated fluid