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  • 6. Advanced Technologies


    1. Rapid Deployment of Space Capabilities: Tools for accelerating innovation in existing and developing systems

    2. High speed RF inter-satellite communications

    3. Modeling and Analyzing the Quantum Based Earth-Satellite and Satellite-Satellite Communications

    4. Applications and Requirements of high data rate intersatellite links in future communication architectures

    5. Free-space laser communications for satellite downlinks: Measurements of the atmospheric channel

    6. Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth: quality of service drivers for future onboard communication networks

    7. SCOM- a transceiver for small satellites based on MIMO and modern coding technologies

    8. Spin Axis Estimation of the Radiation Belt Storm Probes Spacecraft using RF Doppler Data

    9. New telemetry system design for future nanosatellite missions

    10. Error-correcting codes for reliable communications in microgravity platforms

    11. Development of a visual navigation system for the satellite dynamic simulator LuVex

    12. Research of Channel Allocation Strategies on Multimedia Communication Satellite System