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  • 1. Mission Design, Operations and Optimization - Part 1


    1. Trajectory Tour of the Trojan Asteroids Generated via an Optimal Low-Thrust Algorithm

    2. Optimum design of power-limited propulsion systems with application to fast Earth-to-Mars transfer

    3. A study of the Accessibility to Asteroids for IKAROS Mission after Venus Flyby

    4. Nonlinear optimization in space applications with worhp

    5. Fuel-Optimal Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization of Multiple Asteroid Exploration Missions

    6. Trajectory Optimization of Air-launched rockets via Direct Collocation Method

    7. Mission Analysis of Robotic, Low-Thrust Missions to the Martian Moons Deimos and Phobos

    8. Trajectory Design in Proximity of Mars for Round-Trip Missions

    9. Mission Design and Analysis for a Laser Occultation Demonstration Mission

    10. Continuous Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization Based on a Symplectic Conservative Perturbation Method

    11. Design of optimal Earth pole-sitter transfers using low-thrust propulsion

    12. Optimal bi-impulsive Earth-Moon transfers