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  • 3. Orbital Dynamics - Part 1


    1. Effect of a drag force due to absorption of solar radiation on solar sail orbital dynamics

    2. Analytical Solutions of the Relative Motion About a Keplerian Elliptic Orbit

    3. Post-aerocapture orbit selection and maintenance for the Aerofast mission to Mars

    4. An Extended Discussion on the DoubleStar Orbits

    5. Station keeping of a solar sail in the solar system

    6. India's first MARS Mission Orbit Determination System

    7. Optimal Impulsive Orbital Maneuver between Noncoplanar Noncoaxial orbits with or without Time constraint

    8. Natural Periodic Relative Orbit Solving using Fourier Series

    9. Long-term evolution of Galileo operational orbits by canonical perturbation theory

    10. Simulation of Orbit and Guidance Design for TSLV

    11. Stability analysis of a highly eccentric orbit around Mars

    12. Mars-Phobos low energy transfer in the restricted three body problem