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  • 5. Attitude Dynamics - Part 1


    1. Research on coupled dynamics of large amplitude liquid sloshing with spacecraft based on 3d constraint surface model

    2. A novel active controller for spin stabilized satellites using fluid rings

    3. Switched attitude control of an underactuated rigid satellite

    4. Dynamics of a Rigid Multibody System with Loop Constrains using Only Independent Motion Variables

    5. Precise Attitude Estimation of Solar Sail Spacecraft Utliziing Coupling between Attitude and Orbital dynamics

    6. Analytical study of a three-stage magnetic attitude control to change a single-axis orientation

    7. A New Computer-Oriented Approach with Efficient Variables for Multibody Dynamics with Motion Constraints

    8. Analysis on the Attitude Influence of Motions of Flexible Antennas and Attitude Control for Chinese TDRS

    9. Inertia-Free Attitude Control of Spacecraft with Unknown Time-Varying Mass Properties

    10. Satellite attitude estimation by means of temperature measurements. Numerical approach

    11. FEM-based evaluation of solar radiation pressure effect for spinning spacecraft

    12. robust and adaptive composite control of space flexible manipulator with bounded torque inputs based on the singular perturbation approach