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  • 7. Guidance, Navigation and Control - Part 1


    1. Reducing the Uncertainty of Hayabusa’s Landing Position on Itokawa

    2. The GNC Experiments on the PRISMA Formation Flying Mission: Summary of Results from the Nominal Mission

    3. Relative Orbit Determination for Fractionated Spacecraft Based on Extended Kalman-Particle Filtering

    4. Design, Test and On-orbit Results of Relative GPS Navigation for H-II Transfer Vehicle

    5. autonomous positioning and orientating for lunar launch

    6. Detailed design of the PROBA-3 formation flying guidance

    7. Tracking Controllers for Position and Attitude on the Chaser Spacecraft to Rendezvous and Dock/Berth with a Non-cooperative Spacecraft.

    8. A New Method of 3D Position and Attitude Estimation for Pinpoint Lunar Landing

    9. Controllability research of an underactuated spacecraft with thruster under disturbance

    10. Tether based Astronaut support robot experiment, REX-J to be conducted on the ISS/JEM

    11. Optimal trajectory for GEO satellite proximity inspection based on hp-adaptive pseudospectral method

    12. Electric Propulsion Estimation for India's Advanced Communication Satellite