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  • 9. Guidance, Navigation and Control - Part 3


    1. Guidance, Navigation, and Control System Design of HTV and Evaluation of On-orbit Results

    2. Rendezvous Technique of HTV and Evaluation of On-orbit Results

    3. An On-Orbit Mass Properties Identification Algorithm for Large Space Structures

    4. Spacecraft Actuator Alignment Determination through Null Motion Excitation

    5. Global and local optimization approaches for launch vehicles ascent trajectory design

    6. A Novel Navigation Solution of Reusable Launch Vehicle Based on Multi-Source Geospatial Information Fusion

    7. A Novel Approach to Hybrid Propulsion Transfers

    8. Mathematical model for attitude control of small satellites using rotation angles

    9. In-Orbit Identification of Moment of Inertia Matrix for High Pointing Satellites

    10. Neural Network Based Predictor-Corrector Entry Guidance for High Lifting Vehicles

    11. Derivation of a Complete Set of Equations of Motion for Coupled Slosh-Vehicle Dynamics