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  • 2. Small Space Science Missions


    1. Initial orbit determination results for the LARES satellite

    2. Optimal Global Distribution of Occultation Data for FORMOSAT-3 and -7 Type Constellations

    3. Experiment POTENTIAL onboard SICH-2 Microsatellite – First Results

    4. Operations for Two Spacecraft of Triple-cubesat Mission TRIO-CINEMA with A Single RF Chain

    5. The key demonstrations of high-precision two satellite formation flight

    6. TwenteSat – The first low-frequency interferometer in space

    7. ExoplanetSat: high precision photometry for exoplanet transit detection in a 3U CubeSat

    8. Plasma Irregularities in the Ionospheric F-Region under Different Solar Activity Conditions: A Study Using Nanosatellites

    9. i-inspire - Australia's first university pico-satellite mission

    10. Conceived, designed and constructed by students: a Canadian nano-satellite for space physics research

    11. Attitude dynamics analysis of Aalto-1 satellite during de-orbiting experiment with plasma brake

    12. Miniature Magnetic Sensor for Space Research