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  • 9. Attitude Dynamics (2)


    1. Periodic orbit-attitude solutions along planar orbits in a perturbed circular restricted three-body problem for the Earth-Moon system

    2. Orbit-attitude Coupled Motion around Small Bodies: Sun-synchronous Orbits with Sun-tracking Attitude Motion

    3. A Fluid-Dynamic Attitude Control System for TechnoSat

    4. Capturing and Docking Spacecraft with Flux Pinned Interfaces

    5. Star Tracker Performance during the Early Phases of the Lisa Pathfinder Mission

    6. Fractional PID Control of Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics using Rotation Matrices

    7. Gain-Scheduled Attitude Control with Power Tracking and Singularity Avoidance of Double-Gimbal Variable-Speed Control Moment Gyros

    8. Operations in space of SPACESTAR: the new star tracker for future recurrent platforms

    9. The control of space tethered system

    10. Long term passive attitude stabilisation using radiation torques

    11. Dual tensor solution to the extended Wahba problem

    12. design and validation of the attitude control system for three-axis stabilized nano-satellites

    13. Motion Prediction of Non-Cooperative Target Based on Autoregressive Model