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  • 1. Space Structures I - Development and Verification (Space Vehicles and Components)


    1. Semi-analytical methods for rapid pre-dimensioning of launcher structures subjected to Booster load introduction

    2. the development status of the structure subsystem for enhanced epsilon launch vehicle

    3. the failure mode analysis of the 1/20 end frame of the interstage section

    4. Structural Design, Analysis and Testing of Launch Vehicle Interface for Small Satellite, Pratham, IIT Bombay

    5. Structural- and Thermomechanical Analyses of Adhesively Bonded Joints for Modular Satellite Structures

    6. ultralight PBO composite overwrapped pressure vessels for Change’s 5 detector

    7. cryogenic properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites support structure

    8. Numerical Simulation and Analysis for Point Separating Pyroshock Source and the Load Forming Mechanism of the Interface of Spacecraft and Launch vehicle

    9. Design, Verification and Ground Qualification Approach for the Structure of the European Service Module of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle

    10. Cubesat System structural Design

    11. Characterization of spring stiffness variation of solid rocket motor flex seals due to combustion chamber pressure

    12. plastic zone at the mixed mode crack tip in nickel-based single crystal plate based on a modified yield criterion

    13. an overview of experimental and numerical efforts on supercritical injection and combustion for liquid rocket engines