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Reliable energy systems continue to be key for all space missions. The successful future exploration and development of space depend on the research into and deployment of new, more affordable and more reliable power sources and energy systems of diverse types ranging from the very small to the extraordinarily large. Moreover, the continuing support of government-sponsored space activities by the public will require that these activities serve human needs in obvious ways. One visionary way to achieve the latter goal is to provide non-polluting, economical energy from space to terrestrial users. The Space Power Symposium will address all aspects of space power systems, covering the whole range of such systems from power generation, energy conversion and storage, power management, power transmission and distribution at system and sub-system levels including commercial considerations, with an emphasis on new, advanced concepts. It will thus also include, but not be restricted to, topics such as advanced solar and nuclear systems for spacecraft power and propulsion, novel power generation and energy harvesting, and examine the prospects for using space-based power plants to provide energy remotely to the Earth or for space exploration destinations.

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1. Space-Based Solar Power Architectures – New Governmental and Commercial Concepts and Ventures

2012-10-01 15:15

TS17 (Sala Corsica, Palacongressi)

2. Wireless Power Transmission Technologies, Experiments and Demonstrations

2012-10-02 10:15

TS17 (Sala Corsica, Palacongressi)

3. Advanced Space Power Technologies and Concepts

2012-10-02 15:15

TS17 (Sala Corsica, Palacongressi)

4. Small and Very Small Advanced Space Power Systems

2012-10-05 14:00

TS17 (Sala Corsica, Palacongressi)

5-C4.7. Joint Session on Nuclear Propulsion and Power

2012-10-05 09:00

TS14 (Sala Capri, Palacongressi)