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  • 1. Earth Observation Missions and International Cooperation


    1. NPOESS: the US Environmental Observing Mission of the Future and NOAA/EUMETSA Corporation

    2. EPS, the European Contribution to the NOAA/EUMETSAT Initial Joint Polar System (IJPS)

    3. International Coperation in Earth Observation- a New Era?

    4. Follow-up To WSSD by the International Space Community

    5. Group on Earth Observations (GEO): toward Comprehensive, Coordinated, and Sustained Global Observation

    6. Earth Observation from Space Assisting in the Protection of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites an Example in Central Africa

    7. Beyond the Earth Observation Summit: International Cooperation in Managing Earth Resources

    8. Potential of Satellite Earth Observation in Support of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

    9. Meteosat Second Generation : MSG1 Performances and MSG Future.