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  • 2. Future Earth Observation Systems


    1. RADARSAT-2 Program Update

    2. The Advanced Hyperspectral Mission EnMAP (Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Program) - Germany prepares for the Future

    3. Satellite Constellations for Climate Change and Ecological Research

    4. Atmosphere and Climate Explorer Plus (ACE+) - a System Design Overview

    5. The STEAM Project

    6. The Hyperspectral Environment and Resource Observer – A Canadian Mission in Support of Sustainable Development

    7. Earthshine: Alternative Mission Designs for the UK's First Deep-Space Satellite

    8. INASat-1: Satellite of a Developing Country

    9. The SAR Train Concept: an along Track Formation of N SAR Satellites for Diluting the Antenna Area over N Smaller Satellites, while Increasing the Performance by N