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  • 3. Earth Observation Sensors and Technology


    1. Imaging Spectrometers for Earth Observation

    2. Hyperspectral Sensor Trades for Forest Applications

    3. Six Ultra-Sensitive Accelerometers for the GOCE Mission

    4. The ALADIN Transmit-Receive Optics (TRO) for the Space-borne ADM-Aeolus Wind Lidar Mission

    5. Receiver Design for an Innovative Transmission Measurement Concept for Global Climate Monitoring Based on a Small Satellite Constellation: ACE+

    6. Synthetic Aperture Radiometer: Revision

    7. Uncooled Microbolometer Camera for Space Borne IR Observation - Qualification Results

    8. 512x3 Pixel Uncooled FPA for Thermal Infrared Pushbroom Imaging

    9. Microbolometer Spectrometer: Instrument and Applications

    10. LMI: an Instrument Concept for Geostationary Observations of Lightning