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  • 2. Human and Robotic Partnership - New Systems and Technologies to Pursue the Exploration of Mars and the Search of Life


    1. The European Space Exploration Program Aurora. Current Status of ESA's Plans for Moon and Mars Exploration

    2. Martian Atmospheric Science Network - METNET

    3. Outpost Terra Meridiani: First Human Science Expedition to Mars?

    4. Canadia Space Robotic Technologies to Support Human Planetary Missions

    5. Teleoperation from Mars Orbit

    6. Planetary Protection Considerations for Future Human Missions to Mars

    7. Analog Research on the Earth and Moon for Mars Science and Exploration

    8. Design Layout of Mars Human Rover

    9. VEDETTE: An Exercise-Based Approach for Tele-Operating Robotic Scouts During Human Missions on Mars

    10. Progressing Protocols for for Use of Robotic Adjuncts to Meet Planetary Protection Requirements in Human Exploration Scenarios