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  • session 3
  • 3. Environment Effects on Space Systems


    1. Space Environment Effects on Two Satellite Anomalies in Oct. 2003 Storm

    2. Space Weather Effects on Solar Cells

    3. Analysis and Prediction of Radiation Belt Environment for the ESA Integral Satellite

    4. The Merlin Space Weather Monitor and its Planned Flight on the GSTBv2/A Galileo Demonstrator Satellite

    5. Development of an ISO Standard for Estimation of Future Solar and Geomagnetic Activity

    6. SWAN Lyman Alpha Data Contribution for Solar F10.7 Flux Prediction

    7. Launch of a Stratospheric Balloon to Study Ionizing Radiation in the Atmosphere

    8. The DSMC Analysis on Contamination of Water Color Sensor of Satellite due to Thruster Plume