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  • Natural Disaster Management on a Global Scale

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    Prof. U.R. Rao, Physical Research Laboratory, India



    Over the past 20 years alone, extreme natural disasters have caused the death of more than 3 million people and affected over 800 million
    globally. While natural disasters cannot be avoided, the impact of these hazards can be largely mitigated by evolving and adopting appropriate
    strategies for effective disaster watch, disaster warning and rescue measures, using space technology. The large number of remote sensing,
    meteorological and communication satellites, both operating and planned, as well as the low cost mini-micro satellite constellations which can
    be jointly operated even by a group of developing nations, can lead to the establishment of a robust global disaster management system.
    Evolution of an effective global disaster management system is of great importance and significance for making our planet earth, a much safer
    place to live in. The role of regional and international agencies in forging a united front to effectively manage natural disasters, both for reducing
    the impact and also for evolving long term measures to reduce the vulnerability of nations to disasters, will be discussed at the plenary meeting.
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