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  • The Next Steps in Exploring Deep Space

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    Mr. Wesley T. Jr. Huntress, Carnegie Institution of Washington, United States



    The panel will briefly describe the broad outline for, and the science strategy within, the IAA cosmic study on the Next Steps in Exploring Deep
    Space. The study provides a vision for the scientific exploration of space by humans in the first half of the 21st Century. The guiding principles
    of the study are to address questions of broad public and scientific interest, determine the goals for exploring the solar system, and derive the
    destinations and an implementing architecture. The outcome is a systematic plan for continuous exploration of space, flexible in destinations,
    affordable without large budget increases, and sustainable with a progressive set of exciting goals to maintain public interest. The approach
    leads to exploration objectives at each of four destinations: Sun-Earth Lagrangian Point L2, the Moon, Near-Earth Objects and Mars. The study
    also considers the policy challenges and cooperation models that might be employed by countries interested in exploring deep space. Half the
    session will be devoted to questions and interaction with the audience.
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