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  • 2. Advanced Space Power Systems and Technologies


    1. Design and test of a Maximum Power Point Tracking System for UNISAT-3 Microsatellite

    2. A Rectangular Parabola Rectenna with Elliptical Beam for SPS Test Satellite Experiment

    3. Study of Construction and Deployment for a Tethered Flat-type SPS

    4. Thermal Control of Transmitter for Space Satellite and Solar Power Satellite / Station

    5. Efficient Direct Conversion of Sunlight to Coherent Light at Multi-Kilowatt Average Power for Power Beaming in Near Earth Space

    6. Venus Surface Power and Cooling System Design

    7. Battery Based on Li-Ion and COTS Technologies: a Test Case to Implement High Performance, Autonomy, and Modularity for Future Microsatellites

    8. The Moonlight Project

    9. Adaptation of PEM Fuel Cell Technology to Different Space Applications