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  • 4. Nuclear Space Power and Propulsion


    1. NASA's Project Prometheus: Energy for Exploration

    2. Conceptual Project of Interplanetary Spacecraft with Nuclear Power System and Electric Propulsion System for Radar Probnic of Ice Sheet of Europe, Jupiter Satellite

    3. Propulsion and Surface Power Systems Commonality Issues for Human Exploration

    4. MITEE and SUSEE: Compact Ultra Lightweight Nuclear Power Systems for Robotic and Human Space Exploration Missions

    5. A New HTGR Design for Interplanetary Space Applications

    6. Feasibility of a Single Stage to Orbit Nuclear Launch Vehicle

    7. Safety Aspects in Space Nuclear Propulsion

    8. Electrical Power Architecture Options for the Future Nuclear Electric Spacecrafts

    9. The Application of Gridded Ion Thrusters to High Thrust, High Specific Impulse Nuclear Electric Missions.

    10. A Practical Space Infrastructure Hinges on Propulsion Systems Development