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  • HTV Development Status and Operation Plan

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    Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan


    Mr. Osamu Kawasaki, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Japan



    H-II Transfer Vehicle(HTV) is an unmanned transfer vehicle launched by H-IIA Heavy Lift and will support the ISS logistics operations with Space Shuttle, Soyuz, Progress and ATV. HTV can deliver up to six tons of cargoes including foods, clothes, water, payload racks and unpressurized ORUs. HTV is basically used to fulfill the Japanese obligation for the ISS common system operations cost, but now expectation from ISS international partners is increasing because HTV can provide the transportation capability such as large size rack and unpressurized ORU instead of the Space Shuttle. It is also expected that the practical operation of HTV will allow Japan to accumulate know-how that can serve as basic technology for its future projects on orbital transfer vehicle, free flyer unit and manned transportation. 
    JAXA is now finalizing EM/STM system test and will hold the CDR at the end of this year to strat PFM manufacture. The first launch of HTV for demonstration is scheduled in 2008 and cuurently JAXA will plan to launch one or two flights after the demonstration flight. This paper will present the development status and utilization plan for the ISS operations.
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