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  • Topology Optimization of Cylindrical Structures in Propellant Tank for Buckling Load and Low Weight

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    Dr. Yeong-Moo Yi, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea


    Mr. Joon-Tae Yoo, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea


    Dr. Sung-Kie Youn, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea


    Mr. Yu-Deok Seo, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea



    The topology optimization of inner-wall stiffener of cylindrical structures in a propellant tank is presented in this paper. Such structures for aerospace applications should have high stiffness against the buckling while their weight should be maintained low from the viewpoint of cost and performance. Therefore in the present work the reciprocal of critical buckling load is adopted as an objective function and the total mass of stiffener is constrained to a prescribed value. The concept of periodic topology pattern is proposed. In order to overcome the restriction of computational resources, a section model based on the periodicity of buckling mode and the length of isogrid is chosen. Then the section model is topologically optimized and this topology is repeated to obtain the full design. Through the topology optimization for various periodic patterns, designs with higher critical buckling load than the isogrid design are obtained.
    The conventional isogrid concept is one of the reinforced structures to improve buckling load. The results of the proposed approach are compared with those of conventional isogrid design from structural test and numerical analysis.
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