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  • 2. Space Structures - Dynamics and Microdynamics


    1. A six degrees of freedom active isolator based on Stewart Platform for space applications

    2. Evaluation of Double-Layer Suspension Cable-Network Design For Vibration Isolation in Membrane Structures

    3. Application of the LQG/LTR Method for Attitude Control of a Rigid/Flexible Satellite

    4. Artificial Damping for Spacecraft Structures Based on LQG Controller and Kalman Observer

    5. Structural and Control Interaction for a LSS Attitude Control System Using Thrusters and Reaction Wheels

    6. Investigation on Effects of Circumferential Constraint of Membrane on Dynamics of Spinning Solar Sail

    7. Liftoff vibro-acoustic analysis of upper stage of small launch vehicle

    8. Further Development of the Computational Technique for Dynamics of Structure Subject to Aerodynamic and Acoustic Excitation

    10. On Shock Environment of Solar Arrays of Chinese Lunar-probing Satellite in the Stage of Phasing Orbit

    11. Dynamics heat and mass transfer processes