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  • P. Poster Session on Space Propulsion


    1. Analysis of high specific impulse Hall Thrusters

    2. Study on Impulse Bit Increase by Modification of PPT Configuration

    3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Microwave Discharge Ion Engine using Multi Mono-poles Antenna System

    4. Numerical simulation of stationary plasma thruster plume

    5. Development of a simple Computational Model for Hall Thrusters

    6. Experimental Investigation of Surface Reorientation and Oscillations of Liquid

    7. A Preliminary Study on Hydrazine Decomposition by Discharge Plasma

    8. Effect of the Plume of a Hybrid Propellant Rocket

    10. Blade Vibration Measurement of Turbo Pump Inducer in Liquid Hydrogen Condition

    11. Transient analysis of open cycle liquid propellant rocket engine

    12. A Study on GH2/GO2-RCS for the LOX/LH2 Integrated Propulsion/Power System

    15. Design and Experimental Investigation of a Micronewton Thrust Balance

    16. Coldgas Propulsion System for Student Satellite

    18. Numerical Investigation of Gas-Gas Injector Combustion Chamber of FFSC

    19. Optimization of System Parameters for Gas-Generator Cycle Engine

    21. Development of CAMUI Hybrid Rocket to Create a Market for Small Rocket Experiments